The only acceptable birthday cake

so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk

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I’m selling some things because I’m in need of cash money.

Note: Not everything that is listed below are in the pictures above. If you would like pictures of anything from the list below feel free to send me a message.

Monster High

  • Frankie and Draculaura Fashion Pack (DATM) / $30
  • Cleo DeNile Fashion Pack / $20 (SOLD)
  • Spectra Fashion Pack / $20
  • Abbey Fashion Pack / $15
  • Operetta Fashion Pack / $12 (I have two of these)
  • Robecca Steam (Basic Doll, In Packaging) - $30
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona (Loose) / $15
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra (Loose) / $15
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Draculaura (Loose) / $15
  • Dance Class Robecca (Loose) / $10
  • Roller Maze Frankie (Loose) / $10
  • Roller Maze Lagoona (Loose) / $10
  • Electrocuite Watzit / $7
  • Puzzles / $5 (for both together.. will ship without boxes)
  • Puma Boy Add On Pack (SOLD)
  • Skeleton Girl Add On Pack (CAM) / $10 (will ship without box) (On hold)
  • Child Wig For Abbey Bominable (worn once) / $5 (will ship without box)

My Little Pony

  • Fashion Style Rarity / $20


  • Ouran High School Host Club / $5 per volume
  • Magical x Miracle Volume 1-6 / $3 per volume
  • Manga Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet / $3
  • Pixie Pop Volume 1 / $5
  • Black Bird Volume 7 / $5
  • Happy Happy Clover Volume 3 / $5
  • Bleach 3 In One Edition / $10
  • Bleach Volume 2 / $5


  • Pokemon Reshiram Box / $20
  • Bratzillaz - Magic Night Out Yasmina / $15
  • Bratzillaz - Magic Night Out Sashabella / $15

I’m shipping from Canada & I accept Paypal only. If you are interested in anything please inbox me your Zip Code/Postal Code so I can calculate the shipping cost and then I will message you back the costs and we will see if you are still interested in buying. ^^

I can de-box the Monster High fashion packs to save on shipping but I will only do this after I have received payment.

There will also be a small fee added the total cost to cover Paypals sending fees. This is usually no more than $2 US.

Thanks for reading! 

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What if saving your game twice “just to make sure,” ended up deleting your file?

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11 months ago

I wanted to fuse Magikarp with Rapidash, but Magikarp wasn’t there so then this happened and I am now scared for my life.

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1 year ago

See friends. This is why Ichigos buys Pokemon cards.

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1 year ago

Finally found a Metacharged pack! It’s been a while since I found that set. And it was the only one there.

Also I bought some Pokemon cards. Couldn’t help myself. Time to break this stuff open. >:)

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1 year ago

I really want to start buying Pokemon booster packs again.

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1 year ago

I regret not buying those pokemon DVDs 4 years ago. Walmart randomly had the first movie, 2000, and the third one.

Bring them back please.

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1 year ago

Your Starter: Mudkip (hell yeah)

Your Hometown: Castelia City, Unova Region.

Your Rival: The chick with the long brown hair. Pink and white hat, green shirt and yellow band thing… her name isn’t coming to me.

Your Goal: To train and nurture weak Pokemon (LAME)

Your Companion: Rival from Silver, Crystal and Gold (HELL YEAH, I LOVE HIM <3)

Your Future: You work at the Pokemart (Fuck.)

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My Sister Named Her Eevee “Shovel” …

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