What if saving your game twice “just to make sure,” ended up deleting your file?

I wanted to fuse Magikarp with Rapidash, but Magikarp wasn’t there so then this happened and I am now scared for my life.

See friends. This is why Ichigos buys Pokemon cards.

Finally found a Metacharged pack! It’s been a while since I found that set. And it was the only one there.

Also I bought some Pokemon cards. Couldn’t help myself. Time to break this stuff open. >:)

I really want to start buying Pokemon booster packs again.

I regret not buying those pokemon DVDs 4 years ago. Walmart randomly had the first movie, 2000, and the third one.

Bring them back please.

Your Starter: Mudkip (hell yeah)

Your Hometown: Castelia City, Unova Region.

Your Rival: The chick with the long brown hair. Pink and white hat, green shirt and yellow band thing… her name isn’t coming to me.

Your Goal: To train and nurture weak Pokemon (LAME)

Your Companion: Rival from Silver, Crystal and Gold (HELL YEAH, I LOVE HIM <3)

Your Future: You work at the Pokemart (Fuck.)

(Source: seers)

My Sister Named Her Eevee “Shovel” …